No, This Site is Not Inactive.

(Getty), (Reuters/Mike Segar), (AP) respectively

So…what did I miss?

Since my last post, the Miami Heat won another NBA Title, the Chicago Blackhawks did indeed buck a losing trend, and Aaron Rodgers ate a little bit of crow.

Obviously it’s been a couple of months, but I’m back and ready for the upcoming football season as well as the impending pennant race around Major League Baseball. Being a Cubs fan, I have very little to watch. Living in Atlanta however, I’ve got a team to not only watch but pray for after the injury bug took a big bite out of the Atlanta Braves.

Not content with wiping out the entire starting outfield before the All-Star Break, the Baseball Gods decided that Tim Hudson needed to become the next major casualty of the rash of injuries that took one of the healthiest teams in baseball and then turned it into a MASH unit.

Luckily, young starter Brandon Beachy (another injured Braves starter) came back to the Peach City on Monday.  And despite the injuries, the Braves are 7.5 games ahead of the Washington Nationals with a shot at home-field advantage throughout the National League playoffs.

The Cubs meanwhile unloaded Alfonso Soriano and Matt Garza before the end of yesterday’s Trade Deadline. With open space on the roster, Cubs prospect Junior Lake was called up and has for the most part sparked a fire in the young Cubs that hopefully will prevent them from losing 100 games.

And with training camp coming to a close around the NFL, it will only be a couple more weeks until the season begins and my hands become cramped between writing for this blog and writing for school.

Expect an actual story the next time I write on here. I have returned and I plan to stay here for awhile.


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