And So Begins the Draft I Have Dreaded the Coming of for So Long

We All Know This Feeling
Your face while waiting for you team to make their pick.

Yes, today is the day. The NFL Draft is finally upon us.

Months of speculation.

Months of anticipation.

Months of pontificating talking-heads talking about talking.

Months of “this one has too many red flags,” or “that one doesn’t have enough speed to be a middle linebacker,” or “he doesn’t have a real girlfriend!”

All of this talk ends tonight.

The wait is over. The NFL will go on the clock…and we the fans will wait some more.

Patience is a virtue, one that cannot be taught but one not quite as unattainable as you think. With the Internet, and mainly Twitter, all of our sources have become so accessible that the days of sitting in front of the TV waiting for your team’s pick are  gone. Now you could be wondering, “what the hell is this guy trying to say?”

Here’s your answer. People like me sitting at our little computers try with all of their might to bust open the pinata that is the waiting game. See Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports during last season’s NBA Draft. He tweeted nearly each team’s pick two minutes ahead of the formal announcement from Commissioner David Stern.

Of course, the NFL is a different animal. Roger Goodell has infinite ways to squeeze the sweet nectar out of the ratings machine that is the NFL. And he has his ways to put a strangle hold on anyone looking to leak early information (so long as they aren’t a new jersey or new logo).  Just when it looks like the league has done all it could possibly do to get its money, a new wrinkle gets added to the face of the most popular (and profitable) league in America.

So for those of you in Atlanta, tonight will be a long night. That’s the price you pay for having a good football team.

For myself and other Chicago natives who still love Da Bears, you will have to wait as well. But at least there will be some excitement knowing that without the boring predictability of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, we may have an exciting draft that ends with us bringing home some new exciting players.

And if history is promising, Falcons fans will have something to cheer about after tonight.

Aren't you happy Thomas Dimitroff made that ridiculous trade now?
Aren’t you happy Thomas Dimitroff made that ridiculous trade now?

As I conclude my thoughts on tonight’s glorified paint-drying viewing, I will save all of the talk. I will not bore you with who I think the Bears should pick at #20, or why the Falcons need to draft a pass rusher, or why Geno Smith is not a top-tier blah blah blah blah blah………Crap, I started doing it.

Let’s get this thing over with.

P.S. For those of you who didn’t get the reference in the title…here you go.


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