A New Era Officially Begins for the Chicago Cubs

The North Siders are back and better than ever. After three long seasons of losing, managerial relapses along with frustrating twists and turns, the Chicago Cubs are stealing the show and making Major League Baseball take notice. Free agent Jon Lester has agreed to sign a six-year $155 million contract to pitch for the Cubs in 2015.… Continue reading A New Era Officially Begins for the Chicago Cubs

A Return Like None Other

Boy, somebody knows how to make an entrance. Or in this case, an apology.   It’s a day that many in Cleveland thought would never happen, a day many in the world thought would never happen. LeBron James will rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. Four years removed from the biggest PR middle finger in… Continue reading A Return Like None Other

Cubs Trade Samardzija, Continue Neglecting the Present

As the smoke cleared from the night sky from thousands of fireworks shows across the United States, an unexpected show started on the North Side of Chicago. This firework display took shape in the form of a trade-deadline blockbuster about three weeks ahead of the actual deadline date of July 31st. Unlike the shows you may… Continue reading Cubs Trade Samardzija, Continue Neglecting the Present

Leave LeBron James Alone

I must admit, I never thought in one million years that I would be writing a title to an article like this. After 2010, I became an official “LeBron-hater” following the PR fiasco that was The Decision. I joined in on a gang attack of James and his desire to be a champion, how he… Continue reading Leave LeBron James Alone

Adrian Peterson Does Not Need Your Sympathy

Terrible personal tragedies define us as people. How we respond to hardship likely will tell us how we will respond in prosperity. In the sports world, hardship can refer to many things: a slump, declining of one’s skills, recovery from a severe injury, pressure signing a big contract, etc. Few players are saddled with almost… Continue reading Adrian Peterson Does Not Need Your Sympathy

MLB Must Stop the Hypocrisy

Nearly two weeks ago, Bud Selig put the hammer down on Alex Rodriguez and 12 other players for violating MLB’s drug use policy. While the other 11 suspended received 50-game suspensions, MLB slammed A-Rod for an unprecedented 211 games, which would include the rest of the 2013 season and all of the 2014 season. But… Continue reading MLB Must Stop the Hypocrisy

No, This Site is Not Inactive.

So…what did I miss? Since my last post, the Miami Heat won another NBA Title, the Chicago Blackhawks did indeed buck a losing trend, and Aaron Rodgers ate a little bit of crow. Obviously it’s been a couple of months, but I’m back and ready for the upcoming football season as well as the impending… Continue reading No, This Site is Not Inactive.